Shredder Ninja Turtles 

What would any franchise be without a good villain? The answer is simple – nothing special. Some people consider that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series would not be as good and popular as they are if there were not a great character such as Shredder. He is the main villain in the series and the main opponent of the turtles. He is in the service of Krang and they jointly try to conquer the Earth and destroy the universe.


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The most iconic and recognizable thing about Shredder is his physical appearances which have suffered minor, or none whatsoever, changes during the course of the history of the franchise. He is most recognizable by the mask he wears over his face. It should be also added that he is always well-built and muscular. He is also wearing a cape and many people consider his clothes to be reminded of the ones that samurai used to wear.


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It should be noted that various films and series mention the history and origin of Shredder and describe it. First of all, it should be noted that he was born as a man, and he is a man, in Japan. His real name is Oroku Saki. It should be also stated that Oroku spent his childhood with his brother Nagi. Nagi was a master in a Foot Clan. However, Nagi got into a dispute with another master called Hamato Yoshi, and the feud was about a girl. Hamato succeeded in killing Nagi which left Oroku devastated. Hamato then took Shen, the girl he and Nagi fell in love, and they fled to the USA. It was then when Oroku became the leader of the Foot Clan and he was steadily growing into the best ninja there.

Coming to the USA

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He was then elected to start leading the Foot Clan on the soil of the USA. When he arrived in the USA, he lived in NYC and he used this opportunity to find both Hamato and Shen and he killed them both as an act of revenge for his brother. In the USA, he worked under the alias The Shredder. However, he used the Foot Clan to start working with drugs and be involved in other criminal actions in the USA which led them into the conflict with the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. However, it should be mentioned that Shredder succeeded in conducting his criminal activities for almost fifteen years before the turtles finally started opposing him. There is one interesting thing here that should be mentioned. When Shredder killed Hamato, Hamato left a rat behind him, and that rat eventually became a mutant called Splinter, who is actually the leader of the ninja turtles.


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In order to gain help in fighting the turtles, Shredder allied with Krang, a brain-like being who seeks control over the entire universe. Furthermore, in order to have even more help in fighting the turtles, Shredder has his own to mutants – Bebop and Rocksteady, who have originated from a warthog and a rhino.

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